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About us

Welcome to Empathy Blooms! We are a student-led mental health initiative started by Ronak, Ashlyn, Savar, and Shreyas. Each of us has faced our own challenges with mental and emotional well-being and emerged stronger. Now, we're here to lend a helping hand to others on their personal journeys, whether they're dealing with mental disorders, stress, substance abuse, or academic pressure.

Our mission is to provide students with the necessary resources to overcome these obstacles. Central to our approach is the power of empathy, which will guide our workshops and sessions led by trained psychologists. Together, let's cultivate an environment where empathy thrives and supports us all. Let empathy bloom within and around us!

About us

The Numbers/Stats

We can better understand the scope of mental health issues and acknowledge their relevance in society by using numbers and statistics to demonstrate the prevalence and effects of mental health concerns. They allow us to better grasp the magnitude of these issues, advocate for better resources, and promote conversations that de-stigmatize mental illness by quantifying the data.


have been body shamed


of students have done substance abuse


have had an eating disorder


have done self harm

Joining Empathy Blooms

a student-led mental health initiative, offers a unique opportunity to actively promote personal growth and community engagement. You will learn the basics of mental-health first aid, get the opportunity to share your story and raise awareness amongst a myriad of other things.


Empathy blooms covered 5000+ students and created awareness about mental health in the city of Vadodara.


Pankaj Sinha

Consultant Surgeon at Yashoda Hospitals

Jo Aggarwal

CEO of Wysa

Mridula Sankhyayan

Founder and Leadership Coach of Vatt Vriksh Consultants

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Empathy Blooms aims to stop the onset of several mental health problems later on in life by providing support to students at several schools. Conducting workshops and sessions to spread awareness through many schools helps us achieve this goal.


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